Welcome to Luv That Gift!

For the last several decades I have made my career supporting and selling my husband, David Lotton’s work – Hand crafted Contemporary Art Glass.
While traveling the United States attending Fine Art & Craft shows I have met many talented artists. People who like us are taking our God given talents to create beautiful works of art, for people to enjoy for a life time! Regular Americans who have the talent, good work ethic, and the desire to make a difference by adding beauty to this world through many types of art forms.

The dream of starting “Luv That Gift” was birthed Christmas 2011 when so many of my clients expressed the wish that all of their friends and family members could see all our beautiful works of art in their own homes.
I thought about this concept and said “Why not!” I can bring all these beautifully handcrafted treasures I have discovered over the years to people who love handmade Arts & Crafts; which have been made in the great United States of America!!! And that is how “Luv That Gift” was born!

It is my goal here at “Luv That Gift” to bring interesting pieces of art into your home.
Items you will not be able to find in your local store or marketplace.
Unique pieces that will add expression, depth, and fun to anyone’s life.
Giving you the opportunity to get a truly great gift and unique for anyone on your list!

Let’s Go Shopping!

Kimberly Lotton
President & Founder of Luv That Gift